Want a Better Way to Protect and Grow Your Wealth During Uncertain Times?

Learn About This Pandemic-Tested Shrimp Agriventure That is Proven to Deliver Consistent and Exceptional Returns over the Next 5 Years despite Market Ups and Downs.


Are you frustrated by the lack of decent returns on traditional investments?

Let’s be real. The past few years have been really tough for anyone looking to make decent returns on their investments.

I feel your frustration! 

High inflation has been eating away at our hard-earned savings, eroding its purchasing power.

Remember not long ago when P5,000 could fill up your grocery cart to the brim?

Nowadays, good luck with filling up even just a basket.

Yes, and the answer is Farming! Particulary Shrimp Aquaculture.

If there’s one thing we learned in every crisis is that FOOD is the TOP-MOST of all essentials.

The pond technicians of Palaya shrimp farm

Let me tell you about Palaya Shrimp Farm.

Launched during the height of the Pandemic (March 2020), Palaya Shrimp Farm is a Pandemic-Tested Agriventure and has been proven to be a resilient business during times of crisis.

We use proven technologies to Produce 10X More Shrimp at a much faster rate, at a much lower cost.

But despite our efficient shrimp production, we can barely keep up with the huge demand.


Just take a look at the huge difference between demand and supply.

This is WHY we urgently need to expand our shrimp production.

To expand our shrimp production, we are inviting people like you to become an

Agriventure Contributor and be part of this thriving Shrimp Aquaculture Business.

Since 2016, over 200 Individuals have become Loyal Agriventure Contributors.

And just like them, you could get to enjoy:

But more importantly, when you become an Agriventure Contributor, you get to be part of:

Here's what some of our Loyal Agriventure Contributors have to say...

The farmers of Palaya farm

There is no greater reward than witnessing the lasting positive impact your contribution can have on local communities.

You create a legacy that no other traditional investment can match.

One that can give a deeper sense of purpose that goes beyond financial gain, making it a truly fulfilling and worthwhile endeavor.

If you think this is something you’d like to explore,

Find Out How to Become a
Palaya Agriventure Contributor.

We built Palaya Shrimp Farm as the most Modern Shrimp Aquaculture Facility in the Philippines Today.

Technology and innovation are at the forefront in solving the problems that plague our local shrimp industry.

Today, we are consistently producing the Cleanest and Freshest Shrimp in the Market.

10X More than conventional farms at a much faster rate, with the least amount of space, resources, and impact on the environment.

Founder Iggy with celebrities Joshua Garcia and Enchong Dee

Frequently Asked Questions

Our shrimp farm is located in Barangay Bato, Palauig, Zambales, Philippines

Palauig, Zambales is just one town after Iba when coming from Manila. 

You may use Google Maps or Waze for directions.

Certainly, you are welcome to visit Palaya Shrimp Farm and indulge in the Dala Experience, which involves catching your own shrimp for a truly immersive experience.

Yes! We currently have two A-Cabins that can accommodate up to 10 people each.

You can enjoy a refreshing stay with family and friends. Relax in the pool and jacuzzi, while gazing at the starlit sky. Set a mood for late-night talks at our sunken bonfire.

Palaya Shrimp Farm has been growing the Freshest and Cleanest Shrimp in the Market since First Quarter of 2021.

Through farming innovations, Palaya Agriventures has been transforming communities since 2015.

Its founder, Iggy Colesio, started farming as a hobby that soon turned into an advocacy – “To bring pride and dignity back to our local farmers.”

The sad reality is we are no longer an agricultural nation. In fact, The Philippines has become the biggest importer of rice in the world. As a nation, we are no longer food-secure.

This predicament is what drives Iggy to bring innovation to our local agriculture. Tirelessly finding new ways to solve problems in agriculture. 

Through technology, methodology and variety, he believes we can boost our local food production and inspire other farmers to do the same.

Palaya Dragon Fruit Farm in Tanay, Rizal is one of the largest Dragon Fruit Farms in Rizal Province. 

It has become a famous Agritourism destination.

Both the Dragon Fruit and Shrimp Farms have been featured numerous times in TV shows, radio shows, and social media.

There has never been a better time to get into Farming.

And this is your chance to get in on one of the most overlooked and undervalued sectors that have the potential to give you some of the best returns in the coming years.

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Our vision for Palaya Shrimp Farm is to produce the Cleanest and Freshest Shrimp in the Philippines while bringing lasting transformation to our local communities. Through agricultural innovation, our aim is to ensure food security for future generations.

While co-venturing with us supports our local economy and offers reliable returns, it’s important to note that agriventures are speculative in nature and involve risks. We encourage everyone to do their due diligence before acting on our published information.

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